Monday, June 9, 2014

Take child benefit off the Rich, then watch it taken off the rest!

Take Child Benefit off the Rich, then watch it taken off the rest!
Today 9/6/2014 a piece was published in the Irish Independent under the headline: ''Cut child benefit for the rich, Government told.’’

This suggested that the Government would have the support of two out of three of the electorate if they introduced a means test for child benefit. Is PACUB surprised?  No, because while reading the piece, which can be found here:  one line stood out: ''Means testing of child benefit is particularly strongly supported by people on low incomes.’’ 

Sadly, low income families, and maybe all families, including social welfare and middle income upwards, are under the belief that if we remove child benefit from the ''Rich”, then ours will be safe.  Unfortunately that is not the case.  The Ita Mangan report published in February 2013 stated that it was middle and low income families who would stand to lose the most, with lone parents being worst hit, if it was taxed or a two tiered system was introduced. 

So if we support means testing, we are cutting off our nose to spite our faces, as it will be OUR children who will lose out.  This is because there are not enough “Rich” people in receipt of child benefit to make enough savings.  So the cut off point will have to be MUCH lower, and this was shown in the Mangan report.  

We all know the impact of any cuts to child benefit, we know how it has become a major lifeline for many families in times of uncertainty, with increases in costs and taxes and reductions in income.  It is also important to remember that Child Benefit is an investment in our future tax payers as it is the only payment made to ALL children in Ireland. It shows that we treat all children equally, and this should remain so.  Children should not have to pay for the mistakes of adults. 

PACUB wrote about why the State should not means test or tax child benefit here 

Why all children should receive child benefit: here 

So please read, stop and think about the long term impact of allowing any more changes to child benefit. We need to say “no” and protect this investment in our children, before it is too late. 

Links to Ita Mangan report :

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